David Foster

June 8, 2021 — Post by Antonia DeFeo

Seapath Tower Building Manager

This is a letter of recommendation for Scott Wheeler and The SFI Insurance Group. Scott Wheeler has taken care of our insurance needs for nearly 6 years and his team is exemplary. Seapath Tower is an 11 story high rise condominium building located on. Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. The property also consists of a swimming pool and two out buildings used for community activities. All of the Seapath Tower property must be insured to 100% replacement cost which has a value near thirty million dollars.

The Board of Directors frequently sends out the Insurance for competitive bids. SFI has consistently been able to provide the best product at the most competitive price for Seapath Tower. Seapath enjoys a tremendous savings because of the knowledge Scott Wheeler and his staff possess for insuring coastal property. This knowledge and experience was put to the test during the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and again after a lightning strike damaged our building. One phone call and an email was all that was needed from us. Scott and his team handled all the other arrangements needed for a successful claim and Seapath received a check to repair damages in very short order.

Seapath Tower appreciates the care and hard work provided by Scott and his team of professionals. We give Scott Wheeler and The SFI Insurance Group our highest recommendation.