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NFIP Flood Insurance

NFIP Flood Insurance Coverage

NFIP flood insurance, commonly known as The National Flood Insurance Program, is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. NFIP flood insurance policies are written by insurance companies throughout the United States. The rates for NFIP flood insurance are the same for each company. Therefore, it is crucial you find an insurance agent who actually knows what they are doing when writing a flood insurance policy. Biggert Waters has changed the game tremendously! We are on top of these changes and can help you understand how they affect your NFIP flood insurance policy.

NFIP flood insurance protects you against financial damage when flood waters ravage your property. As we know, most homeowners insurance policies exclude damage caused by flood. Therefore, if you are located in a special Flood Hazard Area or any flood prone zone, you need to learn about the benefits of NFIP flood insurance.  

Please be careful. While most agents can quote this coverage, we find many agents actually know very little about it. NFIP flood insurance rating is very complex. A simple mistake can cost you thousands!

The agents at SFI Group, Inc. have received comprehensive training on the ins and outs of NFIP flood insurance. Our agents are intimately familiar with the various rules that pertain to assigning the proper rate classification to your flood insurance policy. Our SFI Group, Inc. staff has extensive experience writing flood insurance under the grandfathering rules. We will work for you to develop the lowest rate possible for your flood insurance. Let us take the hassle out of your NFIP flood insurance purchase. We can write NFIP flood insurance policies in all 50 states.

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