Commercial Flood Insurance

Streets flooded by heavy rain in the city

Commercial flood insurance 

Commercial Flood Coverage

Commercial flood insurance can help your recover from a flood loss. Damage from a flood loss can be truly devastating. You have worked so hard to build your business. Don’t let a flood event take it all away. A commercial flood insurance policy from SFI Group, Inc. can help you get back to business. Our expert commercial flood insurance agents are the best in the business. We spend hours researching commercial flood insurance markets. Providing you with the most complete solution possible is our mission.

The flood insurance policy above is the NFIP commercial flood insurance policy, otherwise known as the general property policy. It is the only flood insurance policy written for commercial properties. It provides coverage for building and contents on an ACV or actual cash value basis. SFI Group, Inc. has access to private market flood insurance policies which can provide replacement cost coverage if you need it. Whether your flood insurance policy is an NFIP policy or a private market policy, our flood insurance agents can help you understand the complex rating structure and the coverage involved.

There are many types of property where the coverage is limited or excluded. It is important that you have an insurance agent that is thoroughly knowledgeable about the provisions of the commercial flood insurance policy. At SFI Group, Inc. we provide you just that agent. We will work with you to make sure you are covered to the greatest extent you can be covered.

The most common property insurance forms exclude the peril of flood. At SFI Group, we can create a business flood insurance program that protects you. Our excess flood insurance  includes business income coverage. This is not available through the NFIP under any circumstances. Our professional insurance agents can provide you with the flood insurance protection you need!

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